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Baron Ambrosia, Culinary critic/ booster of the Bronx; takes on Claudy's story.

​Here is the short video documentary of Claudy's Gourmet it features live action footage and a sitdown interview with Claudia. This video is not for the faint of heart; viewer beware!

Telemundo did a piece on Claudia and how the business start and what was the inspiration for her recipe!

Click on the Telemundo logo to see it.

Gracias a Isolda Peguero y Adrian Reyes

por su excelente reportaje.

              via Independent Sources

                      did a superb news segment on

               Claudia and her business.

(the story starts at the 23:00 minute mark)


Many thanks to Crystal Lowe and her crew, (you guys are awesome), for the putting our story out there for all NYC and beyond to learn about us and hopefully feel inspired!

Here is an inspiring article about WHEDCO the organization that hosts the kitchen that we and other Bronx small businesses cook at; they interviewed Rich.

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