We work hard to perfect our custard. The end result is we have made belivers of many; this text message sums it all up for us. Our flan is the flan for people who don't like flan. It's a brand new experience and it will make you rethink what you know and think about flan.





We just spoke on the phone and I have to tell you that since reading

about your flan in the NY Times in March of 2014, I have eaten it everyday since.


I honestly believe that it is the best tasting flan, I have ever eaten.

I used to consider myself a devotee of flan, but that all went out the window,

when I tasted your dessert. I now refer to it as pudding because it’s so much

more then flan!

My favorite is vanilla with pumpkin a close second.

My wife likes chocolate and coffee.

I consider the chocolate a gourmet chocolate pudding.


Paradise to me is your vanilla with fresh blueberries!

When my regular source Union Market stopped stocking them,

I had to call you to find out, why I couldn’t get it anymore.


Thank goodness you told me it was a distribution problem and that Union Market

would be getting them any-day! I can’t wait!!


Warm regards,






Name : M. B.

Email : curmudgeonintransit

Subject : Great Flan!

Message :

Just finished one of your coffee flans that I picked up from Garden Gourmet. Just...wow! The best flan I have ever had. I can't wait to try the other flavors. Thank you so much.

Sent on: 7 May, 2014

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